6ml Dish Soap

6ml Dish Soap

After washing the grease off the dishes, what is left of the shiny dishes?

The 6ml on the label is the model name we give the product.

Product features

The mild herbal and mineral formula is powerfully biodegraded.
Use the combination of two active agents to instantly remove oiliness.
After washing, it has a light citrus scent and removes the odor of food residues.
Add vitamin B5, and wash dishes should also be more protective.
Be strict with food scraps and be gentle with your hands.
Food-grade flavor raw materials, to be clean and more secure. 
This product is developed by Taiwan technology, manufactured and filled by Taiwan cosmetics GMP grade factory.


18 fl oz (500ml ) ± 1%

Main ingredients :
pure water, AOS (anionic surfactant), sodium sulfate (anionic surfactant), orange oil, antibacterial agent, vitamin B5.

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Applicable to all kinds of tableware, bowls, cups and pans.
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Press an appropriate amount of this product onto the sponge and vegetable melon cloth.
After rubbing and lathering, wash the utensils.
Then rinse with clean water.
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Product Name
6ml Concentrated Hand Dishwashing Detergent

Test Items
Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Nonylphenol NP

Nonylphenol NP is an environmental hormone. Even though it has a strong cleaning ability, it makes Estrogen activity is enhanced, seriously destroying male reproductive function.
All kinds of heavy metals can stimulate the respiratory and digestive systems, damage the liver and affect the central nervous system. The developmental delay of young children interferes with blood, and cognitive dysfunction is very serious.
Sodium sulfate (anionic surfactant) mainly throws oil to reduce the surface tension; AOS (anionic surfactant) mainly decomposes; orange oil, mainly removes oil.
Double bond surfactant, easily biodegradable.
The contents of this product are not intended for food use, so please keep it out of the reach of children and the elderly to avoid the danger of accidental ingestion.
If there is a wound on the hand, it is strictly forbidden to use the affected part.
If you feel discomfort on your skin after touching it, please stop using it.
This product uses plant extracts as the main raw material. If there is a state of thick precipitation, it is a natural physical phenomenon, please use it with peace of mind.

comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
In case of accidental ingestion (drinking), drink plenty of water immediately, do not induce vomiting, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.