ml is the attitude of life and the possibility of the greatest demands on quality.
The whole product uses food-grade flavors and pigments, and all raw materials can be naturally decomposed by earth organisms.
You don't have to worry that anything harmful to your body will stay in the fabric and your life.
ml gives you maximum peace of mind in your daily life.

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Safety you care about

All ingredients used in the raw materials of the products have been inspected by Taiwan Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. (SGS). You can view the relevant test report on the purchased product (marked with a QR code) or on the official website.

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Environmental protection you care about

Phosphorus-free allows wastewater to be discharged into rivers without excellent oxidation of water quality and without disrupting the balance. Does not contain nonylphenol polyethoxylated alcohols (environmental hormones) and does not affect the immune, nervous and reproductive systems of animals. No optical brighteners, no fabric residue, no skin migration. It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and triclosan, allowing you to take care of your family with peace of mind.

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Product efficacy you care about

All of ml products have undergone rigorous field and laboratory testing. On the premise of not harming the environment and human body, it can achieve the best use effect. If stubborn dirt doesn't shine once, do it again! Because ml does not affect the direct chemical composition.

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Pure citrus extract without harming expensive kitchen appliances.

for family

Nothing is more important than taking care of your loved ones.

for Clean


You must be wondering, why does intimate clothing require special cleaning agents?


Keep your coats odorless and mite-free and save them which
block the wind and rain for you.

for Everyone

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