9ml Underwear Detergent

9ml Underwear Detergent

Girls' close-fitting clothes must be carefully cared for

The 9ml on the label is the model name we give the product.

Product features

Neutral surfactant does not damage clothing fibers or nylon materials.
Protect your expensive intimate clothing.
Sodium acid carbonate inhibits microorganisms proliferated by sweat and the human body, reduce odor to zero.
Biological enzymes can break down heme, cutting it into small polypeptides that can be easily separated from the woven fibers, thereby efficiently removing blood stains.
The edible flavor raw materials and micro-fragrance are more comfortable.
This product adopts Taiwan technology research and development, Taiwan cosmetics GMP grade factory production and filling.


26.5 fl oz (750ml ) ± 1% / Carry bottle,  can get on the plane (100ml )

Main ingredients:
Pure water, sodium sulfate, dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid (coconut oil derivative), fungicide, salt, Inca fruit meal enzyme.


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Washable clothes such as cotton, hemp, rayon and synthetic fiber can be used.

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Please confirm the washing mark on the fabric first. If it indicates the fabric to be dry cleaned,
Do not use this product.
Washing temperatures above 30 ° C are not recommended.
Rinse the clothes to prevent the light colored clothes from turning yellow.
If you are worried about the fading or deterioration of your clothes, it is recommended to try washing them in an inconspicuous place.
It is not recommended to add other substances or mix them with other brand products during washing.
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Product Name
9ml Underwear Detergent

Test Items
Total Phosphate, Nonylphenol NP

Total Phosphate, similar to the function of fluorescent whitening agent, will make the cleaned items look white, but with this ingredient Can cause cancer.
Nonylphenol NP, an environmental hormone, even though it has a strong cleaning ability, enhances the activity of estrogen and seriously damages male reproductive function.
The secretion is used to protect the vagina and avoid infection, but the secretion will inevitably merge with sweat and air, especially under the influence of wearing close-fitting airtight clothes, etc., the smell of the secretion will mutate.
Sacha Sacha oil is full of tryptophan, a neurotransmitter that stabilizes mood and protects the skin.
Enzyme, also known as "enzyme", is mainly used for decomposition and digestion, which can effectively clean blood-stained secretions.
user's guidance

Please confirm the washing label on the fabric first. If it is indicated that the fabric needs to be dry cleaned, do not use this product.
Pour an appropriate amount of laundry detergent into the washing tank (container), and place the clothes to mix and wash.
This product works best when the washing temperature is between 20°C~25°C.
If you are worried about fading or deterioration of the clothes, it is recommended to try washing in an inconspicuous place.
It is not recommended to add other substances or mix with other brand products during the washing process.