13ml Bathroom Cleaner

13ml Bathroom Cleaner

The bathroom should be a place of relaxation and comfort

The 13ml on the label is the model name we give the product.

Product features

Use each time to quickly remove yellow scale and scale, and powerfully sterilize, clean and bleach.
Powerful descaling, no need to scrub hard to remove stubborn dirt easily.
Neutral and mild and will not harm the bathroom equipment.
Less ventilated bathrooms will also not let the smell hurt the spiratory tract.
Food-grade flavor raw materials, mild and not pungent.
This product is developed by Taiwan  technology, manufactured and filled by Taiwan cosmetics GMP grade factory.


18 fl oz (500ml ) ± 1%

Main ingredients :
pure water, non-ionic surfactant OP9, organic acid, citric acid soda, antibacterial agent.

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It is suitable for bathroom and toilet floors, walls, mirrors, wet and dry separation partitions, toilet bowls, etc.
Do not use on marble, natural stone, quartz tiles, unglazed floor tiles.
It is not recommended to use any cleaning agent on materials with pores.

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There is no need to spray a lot when using, just cover the surface with foam to have a descaling effect. Spray 10 cm away from the dirt and spread the foam evenly. Leave the clean place to stand for 5 minutes, the effect will be doubled after softening the scale. Use a brush or sponge brush, apply a little pressure to the water and rotate it back and forth to wipe the scale, and then rinse with clean water. If there is old scale, please prolong the foam residence time and wash repeatedly.
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Product Name
13ml Bathroom Cleaner

Test Items
Nonylphenol NP, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium

Nonylphenol NP is an environmental hormone, even though it has a strong cleaning ability, it makes estrogen Enhanced activity, seriously destroying male reproductive function.
All kinds of heavy metals can stimulate the respiratory and digestive systems, damage the liver and affect the central nervous system. The developmental delay of young children interferes with blood, and cognitive dysfunction is very serious.
Mild organic acid, used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, odorless and tasteless, can decompose various minerals such as magnesium carbonate contained in water, and is more environmentally friendly.
Nonionic surfactants OP9 and citric acid soda are used to remove alkaline dirt such as sebum dirt and urine dirt.
The contents of this product are not intended for food use, so please keep it out of the reach of children and the elderly to avoid the danger of accidental ingestion.
If there is a wound on the hand, it is strictly forbidden to use the affected part.
If you feel discomfort on your skin after touching it, please stop using it.
This product uses plant extracts as the main raw material. If there is a state of thick precipitation, it is a natural physical phenomenon, please use it with peace of mind.

comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
In case of accidental ingestion (drinking), drink plenty of water immediately, do not induce vomiting, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.