The hidden dangers of fabric softener on the market – why you need to avoid it


When you are still considering whether to use fabric softener, listen to ml advice first~

Some ingredients in fabric softener may have a negative impact on the environment. Chemicals contained in some softeners may be discharged into water sources during the washing process, causing potential harm to aquatic life.

In order to achieve the effect of the product, the fragrances and chemicals in fabric softener may cause allergic reactions in some people, including skin itching, rash, respiratory discomfort, etc. For people with sensitive skin, using fabric softener may increase the risk of allergies.

Fabric softener forms a film on the fabric, reducing its moisture absorption. For clothing that needs to maintain hygroscopicity, such as functional sports clothing and towels, softening essence may affect its performance and cause it to lose its original characteristics.

Fabric softener may leave residue in the washing machine filter, gradually clogging the filter, resulting in reduced washing performance or even the need for repair.

Babies and young children often have more sensitive skin, and the chemicals in fabric softeners may have more significant adverse effects on them. Avoid using softener in baby and child clothing.

Considering these risks, would you still dare to use fabric softener?