Why is milk scale so hard to wash?

Mothers find out that the milk bottle must be washed immediately and can not wait a second.
Otherwise, the  "milk scale" will be produced. That's because the fat in the milk has been attached to it for a long time. Hardening develops on bottles and nipples, causing an accumulation of lipids. Once the lipids are attached, they are difficult to remove.

For the health of the baby, mothers must not be lazy. Please don't wait until next time to clean.
Otherwise, killing 100% of the bacteria that grow after the milk powder residue is fermented is difficult.
When you're out or busy and can't wash the bottle right away, the milk scales grow quietly in the bottle!
At this point, let APG will be responsible for the decomposition.

The contented sodium carbonate can remove residual calcium-containing protein from the bottle.
The bottle will be clean.

5ml Baby bottle Degreasing


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