A furry child's toy is covered by drooling in three minutes.

Every furry parent enjoys the joy brought by toys.
Whether it's a fur baby toy ball, a solitary educational or bite-resistant toy
Or pull, toss and pick up toys that can interact with people or anti-depression toys.
The satisfaction of raising a pet comes from personally participating in the happy and comfortable time of the beloved furry child.


However, these invaluable toys.They spend their whole life in a hotbed of bacteria.
For example, in the mouth of a furry child, on the grass in the park, in the paddling pool, or on the beach.
And, of course, often spend the night on pet mattresses even if it is conceivable to hide dirt and filth, how do we, as owners clean these toys?
We are always "forced" to clean and sanitize toys until the smell gets too intense.

I have never heard of fur babies playing with toys and getting affected by bacteria-infected from the toys. Cleaning fur baby toys is not so much to protect fur babies.

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