The fur baby's bed is super hard to wash.

Replace pet mattresses frequently

  1. It's a waste of money
  2. The sleeping pad is too big to throw away; it's a hassle.
    What about weekly cleaning?

Many sleeping pads on the market are integrally formed, and the inside is cotton.
If you touch water, you will be reimbursed directly, let alone for cleaning.
Are commercially available pet sleeping pads waterproof and deodorant?

If not, even the outer layer is removable and washable But the pillow will still get dirty, and bacteria stuck,It's better to replace it with a new one, but it's expensive.
The savior is here; it can eliminate the smell and kill the mites can also cause respiratory allergies in animals.

According to Triameen® Y12D lab report results with a concentration of 0.1%, the rate of killing mites can reach 97.61% mites are bigger than bacteria, and if they can kill mites, they must be able to kill bacteria! Then try the super easy-to-use super beautiful deodorant spray.

3Plus ml Fabric Freshener


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