How to use litmus paper?

We can take a small amount of the solution to be tested and a piece of litmus paper and dip it to observe the change. When the test paper encounters solutions with different acidity and alkalinity will show various color changes. The pH value of the solution can be determined by comparison with a standard colorimetric card.

It can quickly test the acidity and alkalinity of the solution.
It is worth mentioning that there are two types of test strips available in the market.

One is that the test paper is khaki, which is yellow when it is neutral.
One is that the test paper is light green and green when it is neutral.

ml comes with the delivery; it is ADVANTEC professional test paper made in Japan. The test strip itself is light green.
You can use it to test the full range of ml products to ensure your peace of mind. Of course, you can also test other existing cleaners in your home.
We believe you will trust the full range of ml products more.


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