Why choose the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?


GOOD DESIGN AWARD is world-renowned and recognized by designers at home and abroad.
Advocate to solve problems through design and pay attention to the significance of design to people and society.
Winning entries will be recognized as designs that can improve society in the future.

From the early stages of more ml brand design, we collected a large number of customer needs, market trends and competitive conditions, and conducted user research and analysis. The team thinks creatively, brainstorms different solutions, develops selected concepts in depth, and conducts technical feasibility assessments to ensure the design is achievable. After repeated testing, defects are corrected and the production process is continuously monitored to ensure that product quality meets standards. In the end, "more ml" became a successful product that met the needs of all users in terms of design, functionality, and manufacturability. Early in the product life cycle, market sales are considerable. We look forward to more consumers understanding and loving "more ml" in the future.

2023 GOOD DESIGN AWARD Winners Gallery