Why should we use special laundry detergent for functional clothes?

Functional clothing usually refers to special materials, coatings or technologies that give it specific properties, such as waterproof, windproof, breathable, UV protection, etc. These functional properties can be achieved through special material structures or chemical treatments. There are several reasons to use specialized laundry detergent to clean these items:

Protective special coatings or materials: Functional clothing often contains special coatings, films, or fibers to provide waterproofing, breathability, and more. Regular laundry detergent may contain chemicals that can damage these special coatings, affecting the performance of your clothes. Specialty laundry detergents use milder formulas to protect these special materials.

Maintain performance: Over time and improper cleaning methods, the performance of functional clothing can degrade. Specialty laundry detergents are often specially designed to ensure optimal performance when cleaning clothes.

Prevent contamination: Some functional garments may react with ingredients in regular laundry detergent, causing damage or reduced performance. Specialized laundry detergent can avoid the possibility of this happening.

Protecting the environment: Some functional apparel may be produced using environmentally sensitive materials, or they may not themselves be biodegradable. Specialty laundry detergents can be designed to be more environmentally friendly to reduce environmental impact.

In conclusion, using a specialty laundry detergent can ensure your performance garments stay clean while maintaining their performance and appearance. If you have functional clothes, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer's washing method to choose the appropriate detergent to ensure the life and performance of the clothes.

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