Is it embarrassing to have a date after eating hot pot roast meat?

Full of "hot pot flavor" after eating hot pot.
It is because, according to the principle of thermal motion of molecules.
The oil and spices in the hot pot are constantly moving. After the volatilized, small molecules are scattered and stained on our hair, skin, and clothing. Therefore, eating hot pot has a hot pot flavor, and it is inevitable to change.

Eating hot pot is only delicious if everyone eats it together.
This process takes longer than a regular meal, with constant cooking.
At this time, the spices in the hot pot have been released to the greatest extent.
Exacerbated this effect. The longer you eat, the more lively the hot pot flavor will be on your body and clothes.

The smell can travel with the air into the crevices in the fibers of our clothes and attach to the body and clothes.
Staying in any odorous space for a while will have that "smell" on us.

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