Do deodorant sprays deodorize?

There are two types of deodorant products. One is to use the scent to cover the original unpleasant smell; another is the forming factor that breaks down the odor.

Temporarily deceive our "smell" with fragrance which production cost is the lowest, but the odor itself is not eliminated. The odor still exists mixed with the fragrance. Sometimes it is even scarier after using the fragrance.

Many odors come from the rancid smell of dead bacterial bodies. Therefore, to deodorize, you must first sterilize it to remove the smell of microorganisms.

SKG nano-zinc ion test is a more stable bactericide than nano-silver. And Forestall (deodorant factor) is produced in the United States has a patent on ingredients extracted from soybeans. FORESTALL is a natural deodorant.

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