Why is it so essential to choose dishwashing detergent?

Did you know that a dish needs to be rinsed 16 times to be free of detergent?
We all want detergents to be great: super degreasers, clean and radiant in one wash.

But to have a sense of cleaning power, whether it's a strong acid or a strong base. Even unscrupulous manufacturers add unwanted chemicals to increase cleaning power, such as nonylphenol NP, which is an environmental hormone. Even though it has a strong cleansing power, it enhances the activity of estrogen and can seriously impair male reproductive function.

If it contains heavy metals, it will stimulate the respiratory and digestive systems, damage the liver and affect the central nervous system, delay the development of young children, and interfere with blood cognitive dysfunction, which is very serious.

6ml Dish Soap


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